Reducing your cloth diaper costs

There are many reasons why people choose cloth diapers.  Many people choose to use cloth diapers because of environmental reasons or because they feel itís more comfortable for the child. Some people use cloth diapers to be more natural or to keep chemicals away from their babyís skin.   The cost factor is also a great motivator as well.  Even though you will still save money you can quickly overspend if you are not careful. First thing should be to set yourself a budget and try and stick to it.  The amount you spend can range from a few hundred dollars to well over two thousand. 

Here are a few ideas to help keep costs down:

Free is good.  Ask for them as gifts.  If you are planning to cloth diaper your new baby, let people know.  Family and friends can pitch in and purchase some diapers for you as a gift.  Most people are very happy to give you a gift that you will actually use.

Buy used.   I know some people wouldnít consider it but I mean, itís basically the same as buying used clothing.  Make sure to give them a thorough cleaning before using them and you can save alot of money.  Modern diapers are often listed for resale and some have hardly been used.  Some people head out and buy every new diaper they hear about and only use it once or twice, decide they donít like it and sell them.   Look for diapers that are in excellent condition so that you can get the maximum use of them.

Use prefolds.  These are the least expensive way to cloth diaper.  They only cost a few dollars each and add some colourful covers if you want something a little more fun.  Covers will be around $15.00.  Prefolds work well and are easy to find because they will always be a good cost effective option.  Econobum is a great cost effective prefold system.

Use a clothesline.  This will greatly reduce your electricity consumption and is excellent for cloth diapers.  It will help make your diapers last longer and the sun will remove any stains on your diapers.  

Sell your used diapers. Consider selling your diapers after your baby has outgrown them or if a particular style isnít working for you. You wonít be able to recoup all the money you spent buying them new, but you can get a good percentage back if your diapers are in barely used or excellent condition.

Read reviews. Read up on the new diapers or ask someone who has used them.  Itís easy to just start buying every diaper in sight.  This habit can easily leave you with a huge stash of diapers that you donít use.  You can also try loaner programs to test how the diapers will work on your baby before you buy them. 

Take good care of your diapers:  This is where you will see the most savings.  If you can take good care of your diapers and use them for your other children, you will have made an excellent investment.  Even if you donít have other children taking care of them will maximize the resale price you can get for them.  Use recommended detergents and follow the manufacturer care instructions.   This will help preserve your diapers and ensure you get the maximum use out of them.

Now what are you going to do with all that money you saved? ;)

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