Invision Your Birth

Invision Your Birth - Personalized Hypnotherapy Birthing Classes and CDs


A new class for expectant mothers and birthing companions has come to the Comox Valley. 


Jeannie Spencer – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker and Coach specializing in Birthing and Personal Development, and co-owner of    has been launched her new Birthing program.


The program, entitled Invision Your Birth, is a three hour class that aims to educate expectant mothers and their birthing companions on how to achieve relaxation and control during the birthing process.  The format gives an interesting twist to typical birthing programs by engaging with the attendee to complete the Invision Your Birth workbook during and after the class.  By completing this process the attendee provides all the material necessary for Spencer to then write your Personalized Hypnotherapy Script.  After a review process with you she is then ready to professionally record your CD which can then be mailed or delivered to you.  With the attention to detail that we are coming to expect from Jeannie, she also provides personal Birthing Affirmations in each CD’s jewel case, which acts as a gentle reminder to expectant moms to keep their self-talk focused on re-affirming and positive thoughts.


The Invision Your Birth program uses hypnotherapy techniques that have been designed specifically for birthing, and is “perfect for couples looking to have a natural and safe birthing experience,” says Spencer.   Jeannie Spencer was trained as a practitioner of the HypnoBirthing® - Mongan Method and has been teaching these classes for the last seven years.  "The Mongan Method is extremely beneficial but I felt that clients wanted to have more flexibility in how and when the sessions were run, therefore, I decided to create my own course material and new program.  The advantage of Invision Your Birth is that you no longer need to commit to 12-18 hours attending a class outside of your home.  Your personalized CD is available any time of day that is convenient to you,”says Spencer.


Spencer created the program based on her own birthing experiences, and those of many whom she has taught over the years.   “I love helping people tap into their own natural birthing instincts and show them the amazing power of their mind”says Spencer.


Invision Your Birth - Key Features:

·                  Three hour class for you and your birthing companion

·                  General understanding of how hypnosis can work for you

·                  Personalized script building

·                  Create a birthing plan

·                  Identify limiting unconscious beliefs

·                  Learn Breathing Techniques

·                  Birthing tips for expectant mothers

·                  Birthing tips for birthing companions

·                  Relief from common pregnancy side effects and how to heal yourself

·                  Remove fear relating to the birthing process

·                  Professionally recorded Personalized Hypnotherapy Birthing CD


If you’re interested in reducing the stress and fear involved with pregnancy and birthing then this program has been designed for you!   “By working with your own Personalized Birthing CD you will be learning to communicate with your subconscious mind in a very powerful way and rehearsing the birth you want,”says Spencer.


For those not familiar with hypnotherapy it’s important to know that with these CD sessions you will be profoundly relaxed but totally aware and fully in control.


Due to demand the Invision Your Birth program is also available without attending the class.  Instead your workbook is emailed to you and a one hour call is arranged with Jeannie to talk you through it and answer any of your questions.  You can then send your completed workbook to her and she will write and record your script.  The distance program is ideally suited to those out of town or in their 30th+ week of pregnancy.


Classes are being run every Wednesday from The Comox Valley Midwifery Clinic – 6:00pm to 9:00pm, and cost $295 (CDN) per couple (or individual if attending alone).  Contact or call Jeannie directly on 250-702-4769 to book your place or if you have any questions.




“Jeannie’s birthing class gave me the tools that enabled me to truly relax and let my body progress calmly through each birthing stage”

- Denyse Harris


“The Invision Your Birth CD helped me a lot to crystallize my vision during my birthing.  It definitely is a must for moms-to-be for help in creating the dream birthing - once in a lifetime - magical experience!  Highly recommended!”

- Lordes Elardo



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