Is it too late to use cloth diapers?

Well, the answer is mostly " Never" unless your children have already grown up. In this case, please do read on to get useful information for your grandsons. Whether you like or not, we're getting old.

Contrary to the widely held belief, cloth diapers are very convenient on many levels.
First, it's the natural choice and way healthier than disposable counterparts. I acknowledge that disposable diapers make life easier on moms when it comes to cleaning but that shouldn't make us forget about its downsides. This convenience comes at a price and the one who is usually paying this price is your kid. Diaper rash is a common incidence in babies with frequent exposure to disposable diapers. The reason is that these products are chemically modified to enhance their property of absorption. The added chemical substances aren't usually safe for baby skin, and therefore a rash may develop, at the best making babies feel uncomfortable or at the worst might lead to serious health problems.

Second, it safe on the environment. Do you have any idea how many disposables are consumed each year in the US alone? a whooping
27.4 billion disposable diapers each year that's translated to around more 3.4 million tons of waste each year. Additionally, disposable diapers manufacturers use huge amounts of wood pulp and plastic to meet the increasing demand from parents all over the globe.

On the other hand, the impact of cloth diapers on the environment is minimal. They are extremely reusable and durable, and the washing part involved with this kind of diapers and consequently energy use isn't by any means compared to the consumed energy required to produce disposable diapers. Skeptic parents still have the option to seek commercial diaper service to benefit from economies of scale and high efficiency.

Lastly and probably most importantly, they are budget-friendly and easy on the pocketbook. Opting for cloth diapers can be very financially rewarding for you. Estimates put it between $800 - $1600 in savings over 30 months. This amount of money is enough to get you a new plasma TV set or even a family trip to the Bahamas. Just think about this before you grab the disposable pack at the supermarket!

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