Have you considered using cloth diapers?

Did you ever stop and think about the disposables you are putting on your baby?  Unfortunately most people don't know what is in the diapers they purchase for their small children. Most people use disposables and the question normally revolved around, which brand Pampers or Huggies do you prefer most people never really give it a second thought.  After all, cloth diapers are such a pain to take care of, and kids just wet through them, right?

Actually cloth diapers have come a long way. There are several options available for cloth diapering and there are several reasons to use them as well. Consider this:
Cloth diapers are better for baby’s skin. Disposable diapers are loaded with chemicals that can irritate baby’s tender skin, Cloth diapers often sport natural fibers like cotton that are soothing to the skin and very breathable. They get fewer diaper rashes, which means less discomfort for baby and less crying.

Disposable diapers are also filled with toxic allergens. Your baby might even be allergic to disposable diapers. There are many things in them that can cause allergic reactions, such as problems breathing and rashes. If your child is having these problems you should consider cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are better for the environment and your pocketbook. Cloth diapers are reusable from child to child, which means less waste going into our already overstuffed landfills. You should figure that in the years one child is diapered you will go through on average, 2500 to 3000 diapers. With cloth diapers you could easily get by with using only 3-4 dozen diapers and those diapers can be used on one or more subsequent children.

When you are done with your cloth diapers you can sell them too at usually 50-75% of the retail price of new ones. That means you can get back 3/4 the cost of using cloth diapers. Even after you factor in water, time and detergent you are still winning out compared to the $20 a week you spend on diapers.

Washing diapers is very easy too. It should not amount to more than 2 or 3  extra loads of laundry each week. Wet diapers can be tossed into a diaper pail to wait for cleaning and diapers with loose stools can be shaken out over the toilet before they too are stored before washing. With regular washing, odors are not an issue and if you are worried, you can use a few drops of essential oil in your diaper pail or a deodorizing disk.  Cloth diapers have also greatly evolved in terms of style and ease of use. There are many options available for cloth diapers including some all-in-one (AIO) varieties that closely resemble disposable diapers as far as ease of use goes. There are pocket diapers for parents who want to customize absorbency and there are one-size diapers for parents who want a diaper that will grow with their children. There are also diapers available to use for night time, and diapers to use while potty training.

If you can sew, you could even make your own cloth diapers.  There are many patterns you can get online and that reduces the cost even more. It really is easier to use cloth diapers than you might think. Before you check them off as an option, give them a shot, you might really like the benefits and how happy your baby is in them.  Talk to someone who actually uses cloth diapers and I'm sure you we will surprised about your misconceptions.
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