Made in CANADA

These cloth diapers and baby care items are all made in Canada.
AMP Bamboo Inserts
$CDN7.95Out of Stock
AMP 3 Layer Hemp Insert
$CDN7.50Out of Stock
Laundry Tarts
substance - Nipple Cream
$CDN11.99 $CDN4.99Out of Stock
Bum bum Balm
AMP 2 Layer Hemp Inserts
$CDN5.50Out of Stock
Berry Plush - Rainforest
$CDN21.75Out of Stock
Cookie Safe
$CDN4.99Out of Stock
Pippalily Toy Strap - Wall Flower
$CDN9.99Out of Stock
Organic Bamboo Velour Wipes
$CDN7.50Out of Stock
Doodlez Doublers
$CDN5.99 $CDN2.99
Sweet Cheeks
Avocado Soap
$CDN5.95Out of Stock
Bamboo Baby Swaddler
$CDN39.99 $CDN33.99
BerryPlush Pink
Boo Boo Goo Cuts and Scrapes Salve
$CDN11.99Out of Stock
Cotton Nursing Pads
$CDN5.99Out of Stock
AMP 3 layer Hemp Boosters
$CDN3.75Out of Stock
Yummy Coconut Oil Lipbalm
$CDN3.75 $CDN1.99
Pail Liner
$CDN26.99Out of Stock
AMP One Size  Duo
AMP Stay dry AIO