Timi & Leslie

TIMI & LESLIE was created in 2000 out of sheer necessity, when Leslie Newton needed a gift for a friendís baby shower and decided to create one herself. At the time Leslie had been performing comedy with Los Angelesí renowned Groundlingís Theatre, and sewing bags in her craft room for fun from the vintage, retro fabric she had been collecting all her life. Disappointed with the limited diaper bag selection for a friendís shower she took the logical next step, designing her own creation from the vintage fabric, which she covered in vinyl, and effectively launched TIMI & LESLIE.

The creation of TIMI & LESLIE revolutionized the diaper bag and ushered in an era where moms could also be style icons. In 2005, Womenís Wear Daily named TIMI & LESLIE number two on a list of those who have made a difference in the childrenís business in the past 20 years. Sold throughout the U.S. and internationally at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Giggle and buybuy BABY, Leslie pioneered the stylish yet functional diaper bag movement. With celebrity fans that include Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Cox Arquette, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and Jack Black, TIMI & LESLIE bags are the choice of parents who know luxurious style, practical function and great quality.

Timi & Leslie Hannah Diaper Bag
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Timi & Leslie Dawn
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Timi & Leslie - Jessica Diaper Bag
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