We want to know why you chose to use cloth diapers.  Share your reasons why you chose to switch to cloth or why you love it. 
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Tuesday February 8, 2011

We decided to use cloth diapers even before our first son was born almost 3 years ago. We hated the idea of creating so much waste with 'throwaway' diapers and knew that cloth diapers these days are much easier to use than they were 30 years ago. It turned out that it isn't much work at all to put them in the washing machine and I love to hang them outside in the sun to bleach - especially in the winter. The Extraoridnary Babyshoppe equipped us with prefolds in different sizes and they were pretty good for our 2 children and we even passed on the small sized ones to a friend who is pregnant. That makes 3 babies in the same diapers. That is great!


Wednesday January 13, 2010

I knew I wanted to use cloth even before my son was born for environmental reasons but it took me a while to find the system that worked for us. At 5 months we found one Flip diapers that the whole family is able to use. The total cost for 4 covers that are adjustable from 8-35 pounds and 18 inserts was about $160 - about what I would spend on disposables in 2 months.


Tuesday November 3, 2009

We started using cloth at 14 months because it allows us to be in control of the cost. We've saved money over what disposables would have cost & now if I spend money on a diaper it is because it is CUTE & I want it, not because she is out.


Tuesday November 3, 2009

I couldn't find any justifiable reason to use disposable diapers. Now, everywhere we go with the baby, people are amazed at how cute they are and how easy they are to manage. No more pins!!!

rosanna @bananaramafoFin

Tuesday November 3, 2009

I use cloth diapers because: - SO much less waste in the landfills - less chemicals in contact with my son's skin - my son seems to find them much more comfy than disposables. I'm guessing this as he is only 5.5 months old and hasn't "told" me - SUPER cute! Who wouldn't want fun coloured dipes!!


Thursday October 22, 2009

My daughter had a bad rash with EVERY disposable dipe! Glad we made the switch! No rash=happy baby!


Thursday October 22, 2009

They are just so darn cute! Less garbage in landfill and we're saving $$


Thursday October 22, 2009

So many reasons!! Our main reasons for choosing cloth is the financial and environmental aspect. I just could not see us spending so much money on disposable diapers just to throw them in the garbage. The more I researched about disposables, the more cloth just made so much more sense. Disposables are filled with so many chemicals and I just couldn't put that on my son. Besides, cloth diapers come in so many great colours and prints. Way cuter than disposables!!


Thursday October 22, 2009

We use cloth because they help us save money in the long run, they help the Earth, and because they are so incredibly ADORABLE! There is nothing cuter than a babe in a cute, bright cloth diaper! Samantha at www.mamanotes.com


Thursday October 22, 2009

We started to use cloth for environmental reasons. It made me sick to think of all those diapers sitting and rotting in landfills. We already put so much in the garbage. We used cloth even though my son was in daycare. There is no excuse for not trying it.