Soap Nuts 100g bag

- 100g is approximately 3 oz.
- There are approximately 30 - 33 soap nuts in 100g
- If you use 1 bag with 4 - 5 soap nuts and use it 4 times you will get approx. 30 loads of laundry.  Many people use a batch of soapnuts up to 7 times so this is a very conservative figure.
-you can make 4-6 litres or quarts of soapnut liquid. If you use 2T of liquid for a load of laundry this gives you about 160 washes     2T is what I use for a full load of laundry.
1 washbag included.
'Superior Soapnuts'  are the dried fruit from the Ritha (sapindus mukorossi) tree. There are other types of trees that produce a poorer grade of soapnuts. The ones imported by Superior Soapnuts contain very high amounts of saponin. Saponin is the substance which gives the soapnuts their cleaning power.
  Many of these trees were once logged for income.  The harvest of soapnuts which are a renewable resource is creating a sustainable income for Nepalese people in local areas.
The response to this natural cleanser has been terrific. Needless to say we're very excited about this!
We believe that once you have tried using soapnuts, you will never want to go back to chemical detergents. There is no need to use fabric softeners either. Your clothes are left naturally soft. Towels and wash cloths are more absorbent. 
Did you know that once used, soapnuts break down completely leaving no toxic chemical residue behind?  You can throw the used shells in the compost.
Soapnuts are ready to use with no chemical processing!   Straight off the tree they can be used for laundry.  They can be boiled to make an all purpose natural liquid cleaner. This can be used for household cleaning or for a body wash and  shampoo. Soapnuts are great for anyone with chemical allergies or sensitive skin.

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