Fluff Dust

Fluff Dust is made specifically for use with cloth diapers but is also handy all over your house.  We use it in our litter boxes, as a carpet deodorizer, on the mattress and pillows between sheet changes, in the trash cans, and even as a scrub for our bathroom sink.  Itís all natural so it's safe to use anywhere in your house and around your children and pets.

Directions for use

Diaper Pails : lightly dust over diapers every time you toss in a wet or dirty diaper.  8 oz will last through 8-10 loads of diapers.
Carpet Deodorizer : sprinkle liberally onto carpet, then let sit for 15 minutes.  Vacuum thoroughly. 
Litter box : sprinkle lightly after cleaning box. 
Mattress and pillows: lightly dust over bare mattress and pillows.  Vacuum before making bed.
Bathroom scrub : mix small amount of water with Fluff Dust to form a paste. Use the paste to scrub sinks and tubs. 

 Do not use directly on baby!  Not for use as toothpaste or food.  Keep out of reach of children (because they can make a big mess!)

Lavender Breeze- a relaxing scent that will promote harmony in your diaper pail!
Satsuma Twist - citrus scent with sweet top notes, my favorite!
California Fields - a delightful, lighty scented combination of lavender and citrus

A Knickernappies product.  Made in the USA.


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