Sevi Racing Bugs

Ready, set, race! These cute little bugs are all a racing hit. Just pull them back and watch them go. Available in a multitude of colors.
8cm x 4cm x 3cm.
Just pull back and release. Watch your colorful handcrafted racing bug scoot across the floor.
blue, purple, red
yellow, white, green
Age: 3+ (contains small parts - wheels)
About Sevi
Sevi was founded in 1831. The story is in its name. It’s the trademark of Europe’s oldest wooden-toy manufacturer whose history spans almost two centuries. The fruit of their success is due to the commitment and professionalism through which the firm has satisfied its customers, past and present. Sevi has remained loyal to its vision and business principles over the years. The tradition of hand-crafted wood, care for detail, product research and Italian design truly distinguish their collections and enable Sevi to produce extraordinary things. Sevi, based in Tarcento, Italy near the Prealpi Giulie Mountains, has been crafting luxury children's toys since 1831. Steeped in tradition, Sevi artists mix innovation with research and innovative design to offer quality baby, toddler and children's products for the world's most demanding and discerning parents.

Today, Sevi creates cloth and wooden toys, as well as an assortment of room décor and fun accessories for young children and infants. Colors used are vibrant and lively, while forms are simple, yet sprinkled with intriguing details to inspire interest and exploration. Although extraordinary, they are, above all, intended for children and therefore must also be safe. All Sevi products are tested and conform to stringent safety standards. All Sevi products are tested and conform to the safety standards of the European Union as well as Canadian safety standards and regulations.