Kerchief Bib - Adorable!

They are handmade with high quality fabrics, are reversible, and backed with a super soft minky fabric. It has a snap closure in the back rather than Velcro which tends to stick to other clothing in the wash and ruin them plus they make it more difficult for kids to rip off their necks. The smaller bandana bibs are great for babies that are teething or crawling since they are a little shorter and won’t cover up the entire outfit or drag on the floor as your baby starts to crawl. The bibs are big enough for 4 months and up- about the time that solid foods, teething and drooling really kick in! We get compliments on them everywhere we go! You won't be disappointed. Makes a great shower gift or for your own baby!! 

Bibs selection numbers run from left to right.

Row 1: (top) : numbers 1 to 4 
Row 2: numbers 5 to 8
Row 3: numbers 9 to 12

Give something unique and handmade next time your invited to a party. Enjoy! 

Row 1: Numbers 13 to 16
Row 2: Numbers 17 to 20