Better Life 2am Miracle

Perfect for the three P's (poop, pee and puke), 2am miracle™ takes on everything  your wee one dishes out. Any-surface safe (cribs, changing tables, etc.) with essential oils for natural cleansing and aromatherapy properties.

All Natural Nursery Cleaner
SURFACES: Finally, a safe nursery cleaner made for cribs, ch...anging tables, changing pads, car seats, highchairs, diaper pails, toys, walls, doors, floors, and mattresses.
DEODORIZE. Quickly and easily eliminate unpleasant odors in your baby's nursery with a special plant based deodorizer.

All Better Life products are:

Non-Hazardous * Non-Toxic * Non Irritating 
99% biodegradable in eight days or less 
Safe for river and marine life 
Based on sugar and vegetable stocks (use only natural surfactant technology) 
Free of ethoxylates 
Free of petroleum-based chemicals 
Free of alcohols, ethers and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) 
Free of sulfates, ether sulfates and parabens 
Free of dyes and fragrances
This product is green, naturally

Made to meet or exceed Green Seal and Design for the Environment standards.

Made in the USA

Ingredients:Deionized Water, Polyglucoside / Glutamate Surface Active Agents (derived from natural sugar/amino acids), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil (natural)

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