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Benefits of Wearing your Baby
Gro Baby Diapers are in!
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Summer is finally here!
Summer, a time of outdoor play! Now that you are outside more, you will need to keep the kids busy while you tend to your garden or do other work around the yard.
My daughter loved when I filled a bin of soapy water and I gave her plastic dishes or toys to wash outside. That kept her busy for a long time.. long enough to actually get some stuff done.
One thing about summer is that kids can really get their hands dirty. They play outside alot more and find their tiny hands in sand, dirt and other mysterious places.
Here is a quick tip for reusing your foam soap dispenser.
You can use any Foaming soap dispenser, when it is empty, do not toss it! Reuse it and save tons of money on handsoap. Buy any hand soap refill (not the cream kind though) and refill your bottle with a ratio of about 6 parts water and 1 part soap, mix gently. Voila! You have foaming handsoap at a fraction of the cost.
*Every once in a while you may need to clean your soap dispenser to prevent clogs. You can use hot water and a little vinegar to clean it.
This summer enjoy your baby while being handsfree. Use a baby carrier, sling, wrap etc... It will make for a happy mommy and baby. It doesn't matter what type of carrier, you use as long as you and baby are comfortable. I finally tried a wrap style baby carrier this year for my little guy and now I am hooked. I was always unsure how to use one and never bothered to look into it further. What is so nice about the Cuddlywrap is that is comes with an instructional dvd! The Cuddlywrap is also organic.
Wearing your baby is great for summer sightseeing. Not all areas are stroller friendly, so this allows you and your baby to enjoy a variety of activities.
Gro Baby Diapers are in stock!
We've all heard about them, now is the time to see them for yourself. We have uploaded a video on the Gro Baby Diapers and have different sample packages available for you to try these out.
Lastly, congratulation to Earth Mama Angel Baby on their 'zero' rating!
Earth Mama Angel Baby becomes the first pregnancy/baby skincare line to score zero for ALL products on Skin Deep.
Thanks for reading and take care of yourself and your little ones,

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